Universities ignore CRM at their peril – Gartner

The Coming of Age for Dynamics CRM in Higher Education
Economic pressures and competition for students are just two of many forces driving higher education institutions to adopt CRM strategies and practices at all levels. CIOs who facilitate the use of technology to enable a student-centric culture will position their institutions for success.


  • Increased competition for students is mandating that educational institutions develop more-effective student recruitment.
  • Higher transfer rates, time to degree completion, high drop-out rates and government interest in student outcomes are forcing higher education leaders to improve student retention practices
  • Interest in life-long learning presents opportunities, but this requires higher levels of relationship management

Recommendations for CIO’s in higher education:

  • Implement CRM solutions to support the recruitment and enrolement business functions
  • Make deliberate decisions about the system to record for prospect and admission data
  • Integrate your CRM with your telephone system
    • Generate outbound campaigns to target students
    • Automatically post all calls to the CRM creating a communication history
    • Automate the outbound process to improve efficiency